How Grants Work

Taking the Mystery out of Grant Writing

Grant writing is about aligning your organization’s vision and project, with the goal and
focus of a prospective funding agency. CTI will provide you with the opportunities and
necessary information you need to understand the essentials to attain the grant funding
you are pursuing.

We’ll help you understand...

• How foundations and grantmakers operate
• How to find the most likely grants for your projects
• What needs to be included in a grant application
• How to put your project budget together
• Why our success rate may be higher than expected.

What Kind of Project Can a Grant Help With?

This may sound crazy but just about anything from buildings, to equipment, to training
staff, to after school programs. Our experience has shown that between foundational,
state and federal grants, they cover about anything you can imagine, the key is knowing
how to research. It is not uncommon for the vast majority of our time to be in
research, not in the application process.

What Will be Expected from You (the Client)?

The success of grant writing will be based on two things; 1) using a certified grant
writer with experience and knowing how to find the proper grant(s) and 2) you investing the necessary time to answer our questions and documentation.